Environmental Assessments

Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs) are required where the complexity and scale of a proposed project, technology, resource allocation, or siting considerations create uncertainty about the exact nature of the environmental effects, or result in a potential for significant adverse environmental effects.

This process allows companies and government decision makers to examine the effects that a proposed project may have on the environment.  The information gathered during the process helps the appropriate Regulatory Board determine if the project is in the public interest.

LN provides environmental consulting services, including Phase 1 and 2 Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) services to help streamline and support our clients with all of their project needs.

Phase 1 Environmental Assessment

The purpose of the Phase 1 Environmental Assessment (ESA) report is to identify potential site contamination through a process of collecting current visually accessible evidence on the site and the reviewing of background documents

The Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessments require no laboratory testing, sample gathering, intrusive investigation, or physical analysis.  A Phase 1 ESA is only intended to reduce but not necessarily to eliminate the possibility of potential contamination on the property.

Typically a Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessments scope includes the following items;

  • Review of current title as well as a historical title search (This finds out history of ownership and type of use)
  • Review of current/historical aerial photographs
  • Request submitted to the Governing body regarding reported spills, storage tank history, and multople other environmental information available for the subject site and surrounding area
  • Review of the National Pollutant Release Inventory database for any pollutant releases within the vicinity of the subject site
  • Completion of a site inspection to identify potential concerns on the property
  • Interview with the current owner or ownership group of the property
  • Preparation of a report documenting the findings, conclusions, and recommendations arising from the study

Phase 2 Environmental Assessment

The purpose of a Phase 2 Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) is generally conducted following a Phase 1 ESA.  While the Phase 1 ESA is more theoretical and its purpose is only to determine if there were any history or potential history that would pose issues for the site.  The Purpose for Phase 2 Environmental Site Assessment is to actually determine if such contamination actually exists, and to what extent.

Typically a Phase 2 ESA is required if a site or an adjacent property is or has been used as a dry cleaner, auto repair garage, manufacturing facility, gas service station, scrap yard, or if an underground storage tank is associated with the site.

Typically a Phase 2 Environmental Site Assessments scope includes the following items;

  • Surface and subsurface soil sampling, groundwater and surface water sampling, soil vapor analysis, sediment sampling, collection of plant or aquatic species samples
  • Chemical analysis of samples for relevant parameters
  • Surveying the site and establishing inferred groundwater flow directions
  • Determining the appropriate criteria to which the results must be compared
  • Interpretation of data, possibly including modeling, qualitative risk assessment, or development of a Conceptual Site Model
  • Preparation of a clear, comprehensive report documenting the findings and presenting a conclusion regarding the environmental condition of the site
  • The result of the Phase 2 ESA is the determination of the need for a remedial work plan

You may need a Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment When:

  • Purchasing a Commercial Property
  • Purchasing an Industrial Property
  • Refinancing of an existing building or property
  • Rezoning an Existing Property

You may need a Phase 2 Environmental Site Assessment if anything from your Phase 1 ESA is concerning

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