3D Laser Scanning

3D Laser Scanning is one of the many leading edge technologies offered by LN to deliver high precision, relative low cost, geo-spatial products.

3D Laser Scanning is a non-contact, non-destructive technology that digitally captures the shape of physical objects using a line of laser light.  3D Laser scanners create “Point Clouds” of data from the surface of an object.  In other words, 3D laser scanning is a way to capture a physical object’s exact size and shape into the computer world as a digital 3-dimensional representation.

3D laser scanners measure fine details and capture free-form shapes to quickly generate highly accurate point clouds. 3D laser scanning is ideally suited to the measurement and inspection of contoured surfaces and complex geometries which require massive amounts of data for their accurate description and where doing this is impractical with the use of traditional measurement methods or a touch probe.

A combination of sophisticated technology and experienced Geomatics professionals is the most efficient way to achieve trustworthy results. LN’s 3D laser scanning capabilities capture precise measurements in detailed three dimensional models so project managers are aware of the challenges and opportunities presented by a potential project. Our 3D laser scanners are an efficient way to capture information in any outdoor environment.

The 3D Scanning Process:

Data Acquisition via 3D Laser Scanning
3D Laser Scanning Process An object that is to be laser scanned is placed on the bed of the digitizer. Specialized software drives the laser probe above the surface of the object. The laser probe projects a line of laser light onto the surface while 2 sensor cameras continuously record the changing distance and shape of the laser line in three dimensions (XYZ) as it sweeps along the object.

Resulting Data
The shape of the object appears as millions of points called a “point cloud” on the computer monitor as the laser moves around capturing the entire surface shape of the object. The process is very fast, gathering up to 750,000 points per second and very precise (to ±.0005″).

Modeling Choice Depends on Application
After the huge point cloud data files are created, they are registered and merged into one three-dimensional representation of the object and post-processed with various software packages suitable for a specific application.

Point Cloud Data for Inspection
If the data is to be used for inspection, the scanned object can be compared to the designer’s CAD nominal data. The result of this comparison process is delivered in the form of a “color map deviation report,” in PDF format, which pictorially describes the differences between the scan data and the CAD data.

CAD Model for Reverse Engineering
Laser scanning is the fastest, most accurate, and automated way to acquire 3D digital data for reverse engineering. Again, using specialized software, the point cloud data is used to create a 3D CAD model of the part’s geometry. The CAD model enables the precise reproduction of the scanned object, or the object can be modified in the CAD model to correct imperfections. Laser Design can provide a surface model or the more complex solid model, whichever results are needed for the application.

Our technology used for this application is Faros 3D Scanner, Trimbles 3D Scanner, and software which includes FARO Scene, Trimble RealWorks, Autodesk Civil 3d, Revit, and Navisworks

3D Laser Scanning is used for the following applications:

  • As-built documentation of complex structures as found in Oil & Gas plants
  • Building Information Modelling (BIM)
  • Asset & Facility Management
  • Virtual Simulation
  • Non-Contact Inspection
  • road, overpass, ditch and bridge construction integrated with environmental elements
  • construction of new land developments integrated with specific topographical elements
  • development of three dimensional digital elevation models

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