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Nov 4, 2015

How to Subdivide Your Land in Alberta

How to Subdivide your Land

The subdivision process can be confusing for homeowners. This step-by-step guide will help make your experience as smooth as possible.

Think about timeline and cost

A number of factors will affect the length of the subdivision process, including the complexity of the application, and the number of other applications being processed within your municipality. A good rule of thumb is to allow a minimum of six months.

The cost of subdivision will vary. As a general ballpark you can refer to this handy fee breakdown from the Leduc County subdivision website.

A base application fee is $440.00, and all applications also require an AutoCAD fee ($200) and a lot fee of $220 per lot, meaning a minimum cost of $840.00 excluding any surveying work.

Check the rules for your local municipality.

In Alberta, applications to subdivide land must be made with the local authority, and different municipalities will have different forms and procedures.

A Google search for “subdividing + your municipality” should lead you to the right webpage and online application.

Quick links:
Leduc County
Beaver County

You are encouraged to get in touch with a city planner in advance of making your online application, particularly if your project is large or complex. Your municipality website will contain contact details and further information.

Register online and get the list of required documents

Although requirements may vary slightly by county, you are likely to need the following (from the City of Edmonton website):
A digital copy of the Certificate of Title.
Digital copies of the ‘tentative plan of subdivision’ in PDF and dwg (AutoCAD) formats.
Information identifying the location or confirming the absence of any abandoned wells, in accordance with new requirements.
Additional documents may be required.

At this point, you may choose to tackle the application on your own, or you could opt to work with a land surveying company who will make the application on your behalf.

“You can apply for subdivision as a landowner, or you can hire a professional planning consultant or an Alberta Land Surveyor to make an application on your behalf.”
– City of Edmonton

Create the plan of subdivision

A surveying company can help you to create the required plan outlining the boundaries of the new land parcels. This document is usually presented using AutoCAD (2D and 3D design software) as part of the initial online application.

The plan must include a number of details including the boundaries of the land to be subdivided, and existing rights-of-way of each public utility. Some of the services that may be helpful at this point include boundary surveys, construction management, and house location stakeouts.

LN Land Development Technologies has years of experience with residential property land surveying. If you would like to chat about the subdivision process or request a quote please get in touch.

Submit the application!

Once you submit your application online it will be reviewed by county planning and development staff.

Once it has been conditionally approved, the municipal subdivision authorities require an Alberta land surveyor to survey the lands and provide a final plan. If you haven’t already been working with a surveying company you will need to contact one at this point.

Once the plan is endorsed by the local authority, the surveyor will take the plan to Alberta Land Titles for registration and the process will be complete.

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LN Land Development Technologies has years of experience helping homeowners work through the subdivision process in Alberta.

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